The awe inspiring Christmassy places around the world

If you have been very busy with all the Christmas decorations and other preparations on every Christmas Eve, then now is the time that you should relax and enjoy the best places for this festival. You might have done with some good lighting like deltalight and so take a break from your turkey recipe and family feuds and have a great holiday.

Go and meet Santa Claus at his house:

North Pole is considered as the official address of Santa Claus since many decades. Lapland and Finland are full of Christmas activities which are worth visiting. Rovaniemi in Lapland is considered to be the Christmas headquarters. Children simply love this place as they get the opportunity to make the lovely gingerbread cookies with none other than Mrs. Claus. They can even enroll in the Elf school. The list goes on like taking a calligraphy class, learning to compose their wish list with the traditional quill and so on.

Other than the North Pole, you can always visit some other amazing places on this planet which are decorated with Christmas lightings for weeks together which make up for a spectacular view. Strasbourg, France have some good Christmas themed villages. It can be rightly called as a visual wonderland. Prune, apricot and fresh foie grass are some of the things that you will not miss out here.

Quebec should be on your travel map if you are interested in watching some amazing lightings on a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree here is environment friendly made up of recycled metal sheets. This place is preferred as a great holiday spot by many people.

San Miguel de Allende in Mexico is one place where you are supposedly going to meet Mary and Joseph on the streets as a unique way of Christmas celebrations here.

Lightings are an integral part of Christmas celebrations wherever you go in world. Talking about Christmas lightings, you should take a look at the latest designs and fixtures for lightings. Branded lightings like deltalight grid give you great quality and are always in trend whether it is the festive season or not.

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Beauty is not created by adding one or more detail, it is conceived by removing the last.

Light defines forma and textures, emphasizes the content and quality of objects but also brings them to life. Harmony with architecture is at its best when light does not call attention to itself, just like air. Light is the cornerstone of reality.


The design of our collection represents a way of thinking that reduces each product to the essential components without compromise. Luminance and illumination are the primary goals. The luminaire, a detail that can reflect and integrate within architecture with the purest form that will enhance and ad value to its environment, requires a deep understanding of the intrinsic nature and unified components of architectural styles. These components can be condensed into basic forms, which Kreon light exploits within its products.

This approach to design requires that the details of an object are not merely decorative, but are a key to the essence of the product as a whole. Kreon products, in their simplest forms, do not result in austere minimalism, but in architectural objects that communicate with space, regardless of style. This, combined with careful planning, represents the true meaning of “architectural lighting”.

Kreon, purity in light gives you opportunity to create conditions that allow the beauty of architecture to surface. Kreon always approaches light and lighting solutions from the architect’s point of view.

Kreon epitomises the language of form in present-day architecture, an architecture based on right angles and lines. It is to this same sober architecture that appliances owe their universal and timeless character. Instead of basing its designs on the form of lighting devices and radius of the light they diffuse. Kreon appliances are not foreign elements, but merge with the architecture.

The product has a minimal presence and leaves it to light itself to steal the show. The forms are simple and austere. Kreon lighting appliances are sober and do not monopolise attention. An architect does not want lighting appliances, but light, atmosphere and comfort. Kreon provides the purity in light.

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